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 You ever been to the circus? You go to the circus because you know you’re going to see crazy shit that you’re just not going to see anywhere else. 

 Like an elephant walking on a ball. While a monkey rides on his trunk playing Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida on a horn. If you get bored with that, right over there in ring number two there are some acrobats and clowns are riding unicycles down a ramp that’s on fire. The circus.

So those rings right there in the middle. That’s politics.


 Next comes the really fun part, after a little while of that the lights go out.  And while half our audience is secretly disappointed that the whole mass of clowns, acrobats, and unicycles didn’t come crashing down in flames. If you look into the darkness and pay attention, you can see things are moving.

 There are little people dressed all in black moving shit around in the dark. Making. Things. Happen.

 Then the lights come back up and there are three midgets and a bear riding motorcycles inside a cage that’s shaped like a ball. 

 But again, if you pay attention to where the spotlights aren’t shining, At the very edges looking underneath you can still see people all dressed in black and they’re: Making. Things. Happen. That my friends is government.

And guess what? All those folks in black clothes? They, for the most part, don’t give a rat’s ass who is out there in the rings. 

Bubbling Bullshit in the NABZ

So now, given the analogy let’s zoom in and take a look at the North American Bullshit Zone and the circus that is running amuck in that fucking place.

Because I’ll tell you the bullshit is moving and bubbling and churning in all sorts of unlovely ways.

The eyes of every bovine fecologist are fixated on it like it’s the latest episode of Game of Thrones, and Jon Snow’s in the middle of banging his aunt.  Hey, they needed some new incest everybody’s getting tired of watching that same guy bang his sister.  I digress.

Bulshit upon multiplied bullshit

 Anyhow, the sheer volume of bullshit is almost too much to take in. And bullshit just seems to be multiplying exponentially.

Hey, who knows, we may find something new to add to the Periodic Table of Bullshit. That’s always exciting.

Red Ring/Blue Ring

In the Red Ring we got some clowns and other assorted performers  trying to pull off an act while at the same time trying to thwart the clowns and assorted performers over in the Blue Ring, Who are likewise trying to pull off their own act, while trying to thwart the folks in the red ring, only with fewer clowns. They’re really hoping the next time the lights go down that they’ll be able to convince the audience to allow them a few more clowns. 

And the Ringmaster….

Then there’s the third mostly empty ring where the ringmaster is standing in the middle with his pants around his ankles waving his dick around. Nobody seems to be really sure what the fuck he’s doing. Which is strange since almost everybody’s watching him. Including a bunch of people in black clothes who are just standing in ring #3 and looking at him VERY closely.

And up in the audience.  You’ve got your Red Ring loyalists, some of whom are also pretty fascinated by the guy in the ring number three, since he’s theirs, nominally anyhow. And you got your Blue Ring Loyalists, who  also seem to be fascinated with the guy in ring number three, though for different reasons. 

The few

And then, of course, there’s that few who just wish the guy in ring number three would just  pull his fucking pants up and  put his dick away. And get on with the business of running the circus like a rational human being. Then looking at the other two rings and wondering what the fuck? While silently praying for the Asshole Rapture.

While the red ring people and blue ring people fling bullshit at each other like packs of demented monkeys.

Then you got another group of people who are just in a state of bullshit overload and have turned off the circus altogether and are staring at their little screens absorbing whatever streaming bullshit they choose to drown out the noise. 

Beyond the Spotlights

Which brings us to the bullshit being perpetrated outside the circle of lights. 

The folks in black clothes are busy as little bees. Making. Things. Happen.

They’re going to be there no matter who is out there in the rings putting on a show. And the funny thing is: if the people in the red ring get to run their show like they want. The government gets bigger. Both in terms of little people in black carrying guns, and little people in black carrying pencils and calculators. 

If the people in the blue ring get put on their show. The government gets bigger. Both in terms of people with guns, and even more people with pencils and calculators.

And, if something really fucking bizarre was to transpire and the rings were to merge into a big purple ring? Yup, the government gets bigger, both in terms of people with guns, and people with pencils and calculators.

Looks like a WIN WIN fucking WIN going on there for somebody. 

Alas the Poor Bastards

And either way, the poor bastards in the cheap seats will end up with people in black pointing guns at them. To make sure they behave. And more importantly: stay in their assigned seat, while the other people in black with pencils and calculators go digging through the aforementioned poor bastards’ pockets to see if they missed anything.

The jokes on us

And for the final chuckle at the madness?

The poor bastards in the cheap seats are the ones who paid for the whole fucking show to begin with. A fact that the performers in the rings have totally forgotten, and that the people in black clothes don’t give a fuck about.

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