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A Tale of Sparks and Meatbots

But what is a spark? What is a meatbot? And together they make something that is more than animal but not quite divine, often not even close.

Connected Bullshit in the Age of Doodads

Ages coming and going Bullshit ages are passing by pretty fast these days. As a result of the whole collective knowledge thing, we went really quickly from The Industrial Bullshit Age to the Nuclear Bullshit Era to the Doodad Bullshit Era. Oh sure, we kept the nuclear...

Essential Bullshit: The Bullshit Bag

The Bullshit Bag is an abstraction, A metaphorical sack for all your bull. You know, the nice eco-friendly brown paper ones with the handle? Yeah, one of those. You can decorate it with stickers if you like. The bag plays an important role in the Bullshit Manifesto,...

Primal Bullshit: Humans and the Beginning of Bullshit

So I ask, what is a human but a divine spark bound to a meatbot by the intricate skein of life that permeates each one of us and connects everything and everyone to everything and everyone else,  Life that resonates and radiates with blinding glory through the cosmos from this sphere majestic we call earth.

Welcome to the Bullshit Manifesto

What the hell is this anyway? The Bullshit Manifesto is a collection of metaphorical essays and random observations on the nature and variation of bullshit. It is a catalog of musings on the types and taxonomies of bovine excrement laid bare and spread out for your...